29 July 2015

Four Hundred and Ninety-Six


Not easy to let go of all you think you are and are not in this absurd little dream of space-time.
The monkey-mind will seemingly do whatever it must to preserve its many illusions.
Absolute attention – desireless, fearless – is the key to eternal freedom.

* * * *
As limited as any given manifestation must be to dream any existence,
The ultimate you – omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent –
Is within all creation and the space between.
Why would anyone imagine it to be anything less?

* * * *
Just because it is all infinitely one does not necessarily mean
One must indiscriminatingly love everything and everyone.
There is great clarity, great serenity, in indifference to it all.

* * * *
If you cannot fit it all in a simple, timeless breath,
Then it probably does not matter much, anyway.

* * * *
Be the Good Samaritan however it suits you.
The most authentic giving is not an obligation.

* * * *
Whether on a mountain chanting,
Or in a tavern slamming straight shots,
Gravity is slowly drawing all to the same grave.
Vanity is but the not-so-solitary game of consciousness.

* * * *
What need for any dogma, really?
You are your own law, and it can be an ever-changing thing,
As dynamic as any given moment.

* * * *
As with anything said or written or done,
It is up to the given witness to contemplate what is meant,
Some thoughts are literal, some figurative, and some tosses of the in-between.

* * * *
You very likely are not at all concerned what happens to some seemingly insignificant life form
In a tide pool or stream or valley or desert or mountain or ice sheet on another slice of the world,
But, comprehend it or not, that web of life, of which absolutely everything is part, is why you exist.