18 July 2015

Four Hundred and Seventy-Eight


The ultimate truth, by whatever metaphors are used to describe it, is unquestionable,
Undoubtable, indisputable, unarguable, undebatable, incontestable, undeniable, irrefutable, Incontrovertible, unmistakable, unequivocal, certain, sure, positive, definite, absolute, conclusive, Watertight, ironclad; beyond doubt, beyond the shadow of a doubt, beyond dispute,
Beyond question, not in question, not in doubt, sure as shootin'.

* * * *
When you respect others, you give them your attention,
When others respect you, they give you theirs.
Fairly simple, if egos can manage it.

* * * *
Believe it or not, like it or not,
Existence requires a certain discipline.
A knowing when to say yes, and when to mean no.
An opaque awareness that every streaming moment flowers anew,
To new decisions in the ever-changing coursing of time,
And that balance is required to meet it rightly.

* * * *
Pardon me for inquiring, but why do some humans …
Seem to loathe nature and her many creations?
Become so determined to control others?
Go to such extremes to feel happy?
Believe gold so important?
Seem to delight in hurting others?
Partake in so many preposterous notions?
Corrupt the world with so many unproven creations?
Despise so many others simply because they abide by different values?
Become so vain about their bodies that they cloak them with every imaginable fashion?
Focus on so many differences when there is so much more in common?
Acquire so much more than they could ever need or use?
Bear children in whom they have little interest?
Create a world so indigent and forlorn?
Learn so little from history,
And are so blind to its reckoning?

* * * *
What is the Buddha mind, the eternal mind,
But the mind that thinks without thinking, sees without seeing,
Hears without hearing, feels without feeling, smells without smelling, tastes without tasting.
The sensory theater is but an ephemeral, ever-kaleidoscoping dream.
A quantum play, nothing more, nothing less,