18 July 2015

Four Hundred and Seventy-Seven


What is humankind but an assortment of strands of evolving-devolving chromosomes
Rushing about in every way imaginable, often pretending all the while
That its little play of consciousness is somehow important
To a cosmos likely indifferent to its existence.

* * * *
Insight into the unknown has never been a group thing, and never will be.
Groupthink only muddles the truth of it into one absurdity or another.

* * * *
True religion, true belief, true faith, true conviction,
Is surrender to the beingness, the aloneness of the eternal moment.
There is no deity, no creed, no dogma, no groupthink.
It is for you, and you alone, to discover.
So simple as to be discerned in each and every breath.

* * * *
And to those who abide in the biblical framework,
What is the length of a day, what is the length of a night?
What is anything having to do with space-time
To those harboring the eternal eye?

* * * *
Why would anyone ever be in denial about the good news
That they were the quantum creator experiencing its creation?

* * * *
Dissolve back into the quantum womb of your origin.
Free of all desire for existence, free of all fear of existence,
Discern the unicity, be the unicity, prior to all born of imagination.

* * * *
Your body and mind are riddled with every sort of fear and worry,
The post-traumatic stress of the synergy of life’s ever-streaming currents,
Some soft, some harsh, but all sculpting you as the winds of time do all things.

* * * *
Challenging, perhaps all but impossible,
Not to discern the sensory present through the countless filters,
The mind-body’s tree rings from a lifetime of abiding the dreamtime of the given universe.
Only the newborn perceives it for the kaleidoscoping unknown that it ever is,
And none for long as the mind steadily puts order to the chaos
Into which it has from oblivion been cast.