22 July 2015

Four Hundred and Eighty-Three


If you break down existence into its many parts, sub-parts, and sub-sub-parts:
Food, sex, work, play, cutting the nails, trimming the verge, agony and ecstasy, ad infinitum,
Going round and round in the same groove, doing the same old thing over and over,
What would really be so enticing about existing in some imaginary forever?
The manifest dream must renew its Self, else it will die of ennui.

* * * *
Every life form ever born manifests unique facets of awareness,
Of intelligence, intuition, practicality, acumen, judgment, knowledge, wisdom.
All of which enable it to survive, to abide, to perhaps even thrive,
In its wee little niche in the given patch of jungle.

* * * *
We are all shards of the same crest-jewel of consciousness,
Droplets of the same ocean, slices of the same pie,
Witnesses of the same quantum matrix.
Absolutely no need to struggle or suffer over it.

* * * *
This one is right, that one is wrong, is only true
For those who see the world in black and white,
And brusque, brook-no-argument lines between.

* * * *
If suffering is your favored teacher,
If pain is the only way to get through that thick skull,
Then suffer well, friend, suffer well.

* * * *
If something really means something to you,
Is important enough to want to give it your time,
What is there to do but heed the call wherever it leads?

* * * *
Even if you were some sort of super being
Able to burst across the universe in a single bound,
It would still be in this very eternal, very singular moment.
It would still be yet another inexplicable twist of the indelible origin.

* * * *
No quantity of alcohol or any other drug will have the same effect on everyone.
Each and every container operates on a exclusive range of capacities and limitations.
There may be many statistical similarities, but we are all unique universes unto our Selves.